I am a long time Mac user, and a long time computer crafter. In fact I wrote the first book about computer crafting for adults way back in 1996 and have been a consultant for a number of companies in the consumer printing field.

I have amassed a slew of printers and just about every craft gadget imaginable (for research, of course). My latest toy is a Cricut Expressions¬†Silhouette SD diecutting machine and I’m having a blast with it. Because of my technical background, what I really like to do is develop new techniques that those of you with artistic ability can exploit to the fullest.

I have four kids, and love being a mom. Been married dang near¬†over a quarter century. My friends think I’m a geek. Hopefully because of the fact that I used to be a space program engineer and not because I dress funny.

In case you are wondering about the blog’s name… Years ago I produced an elaborate project for my oldest daughter’s birthday. It was not unlike many I had already done, but I was kinda proud of it, nonetheless. When I showed it to her younger sister, then age 5, her response was “I knew you’d be clever someday, Mom.”


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