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Free Valentines Art for Stampmaking

I’ve got a new Yahoo group dedicated to the Teresa Collins (Photocentric) Stampmaker and it is growing in members and resources. Currently we have a Valentine challenge going on and members can download a packet of 14 commercial use OK images in negative form for easy stampmaking. A low rez preview is shown below. To get the high rez versions join the group!

January 27, 2011 at 5:08 pm 3 comments

Cool text tricks for your Valentines Day projects

There are some great online tools to take your custom text and “heart-ify” it. For starters, the following 3 sites make word clouds in the shape of a heart:

Image Chef


Festisite flows text into a spiral heart

Scrapcoloring lets you type in short text and then fill it with a heart pattern you can also customize. You can also generate high resolution background paper in various heart patterns.

Says-It generates circular text and a heart border.

And the software you already may have also has some cool text tricks for you to try. If you want to flow paragraph text into a heart shape, for instance, it is quick and easy to do in Inkscape. My one minute video is here. (Instructions for doing this in MSWord, PowerPoint, etc. are here, but I had little success with them.)

You can also flow text around the outline of a heart using Text>Put Text on Path in Inkscape or in SureCutsALot with the steps shown in this text on path video. Studio with the steps shown in this videoMake the Cut also has this capability.

And one more, custom candy hearts, classic, if too low rez to be very useful

ACME Heartmaker

Have fun and Happy Valentines Day!

1/14 update: This post was made before my Silhouette days, but I want to add this link for the Silh crowd.

How to shape a word into a heart in Silhouette Studio 

January 21, 2011 at 7:53 pm 18 comments

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