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MTC 3.0 beta solves print and cut

Update: MTC 3 is out of beta. Download MTC 3.2 to take advantage of these and many more features.

I played around with the beta version of Make-The-Cut 3 last night and I am amazed at the results. 2 issues have been standing in the way for reliable print and cut on the Cricut. One is being able to print at a specific size and position on the page and the other is the inaccuracy of the Cricut, especially its tendency to get further off course as you move away from the starting point. Somehow Andy (MTC’s developer) has magically overcome both of these problems to create a simple, flexible and accurate print and cut process using any printer and a Cricut machine.

Here’s a quick video

And here’s the step by step because I go really fast.

1) Open MTC and click on the Pixel Trace button and navigate to where your graphic is stored and click open. (I recommend you start with a simple graphic with a well-defined outline for your first try). I picked one from Lettering Delights, of course.

2) Set the threshold to 254. You want to be sure you capture the entire outer edge of the graphic.

3) Check the “Set Image as Texture” checkbox and click Import.

4) Click on the imported graphic to select it and click on the Blackout button.

5) Uncheck “outline shapes” at the bottom of the Visual Mat tab.

6) Choose File>Print and print to the printer of your choice. I used the default settings on both a Brother and an Epson printer, but you want to be sure anything that would change the size of the print (such as shrink to fit, etc.) is deselected. You also do not want it set to borderless printing.

7) Place the printed paper on the Cricut mat carefully aligned along the outlines in the upper left hand corner (as shown in photo above).

8 )Select Cut with Provocraft Cricut and cut using settings appropriate for your type of paper.

That’s it you’re done!

Note: If you don’t get satisfactory results using the simple process above you may need to make adjustments to your printer or cutter. I’ve put together a step by step process for finding and fixing problems here.

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