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Craftypod rocks the Cricut

Take a look at what happens when Craftypod gets her hands on a Cricut for a few days. Wowzers!

Mini-Books from Playing Cards

Decorating Fabric with Cricut Markers

Jewelry from File Folders

For the record, I was smart enough to buy some of these file folders a while back because I realized that (on clearance) they were cheaper than double sided card stock for my Cricut projects. Did I do anything with them? Um, no.

May 27, 2009 at 9:38 pm 6 comments

New free dingbat font for die cutters

I am proud to introduce 09 KutUps, a shapes font made especially for SCAL, MTC, Silhouette Studio and other cutting software that can cut truetype fonts. From the ground up this font was designed with diecutting in mind. Every shape has been optimized for cutting and even the font name and configuration have been chosen to make it easy to use with diecutting software.




I have been the recipient of much generosity recently. For example, in 2008 I spent a month’s worth of nights in the Ronald McDonald House near where my son was hospitalized. If you enjoy using this font, I hope you will be generous the next time this fine organization asks for your support. Download the font here. View/download the character map here. 09KutUps is free for personal and commercial use, but may not be sold or shared without my permission. Please also do me the courtesy of directing others to this blog post rather than to the link. And of course, I would love to hear your comments.

7/24/09 Update: This font has become very popular, and many of you have told me that you have honored my request that you make a donation to Ronald McDonald House Charities in return. Thank you so very much. My son had to be admitted to a hospital in another distant town for the last 2 weeks. Once again the Ronald McDonald House there provided support for our family.

5/11/13 Update: This font has been downloaded tens of thousands of times and I am overwhelmed by your response to it and your willingness to honor my request. I have eliminated the mediafire link that had gotten too aggressive and switched over completely to which should be a simpler download. My son has been off treatment for 3 years and  has graduated from college and gotten married. I will forever be grateful to the Ronald McDonald House for being there is our darkest days. Thank you for your continued support!

May 24, 2009 at 2:37 pm 415 comments

Inkscape template for easy sizing

SCAL has a lot going for it, but one glaring flaw is how it handles the sizing of imported files. Basically you lose all your hard work at getting your Inkscape files at the right size and in proportion to one another when you go to import and have to find ways to correct for that once in SCAL. Hidden in these lengthy videos is a great tip for correcting this issue. I took the idea, refined it a little and made it into a 12 x 12 Inkscape template, which you can download here.

To use it, open the document in Inkscape (sorry, but it crashes Illustrator). Create your design to scale (leave a 1/4 inch margin to allow for the uncuttable area). You may add new layers but be sure to leave the original layer on at all times. Save as usual to Inkscape’s native svg format. Open a new document in SCAL. Set the default size to 12 inches (in the box on the Library Window). Placing the object at X:0, Y:0 is recommended but not required. Import your saved SVG.

The screen shots below show how using this template to create files for export to SCAL differs from a using a normal 12 x 12 document. When designing in Inkscape, both documents look like this: (more…)

May 4, 2009 at 8:30 pm 30 comments

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