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Some Tough Gypsy Questions Answered

Headed to the CHA Consumer Show in Orlando today armed with a list of questions about the Gypsy and determined to get some answers that haven’t been covered in the intro video (called a “test drive” but is not interactive) or the FAQs. The Provo Craft booth was right in front so after voting for the gold and black Gypsy cover (go Yella Jackets) I was able to corner Major Madon (Project Manager for Gypsy) manning a Gypsy demo station.
The demo Gypsy was running beta software and didn’t have all the features operational yet. Madon explained that the programming is still being finished up. So I wasn’t able to get a feel for what it will really be like, although the screen resolution was quite crisp and easy to see. Selecting individual images was very difficult, just like in CDS. This will hopefully be resolved before official release.
Here, in paraphrase, are the questions I asked, and Mr. Madon’s answers… (more…)

August 1, 2009 at 5:26 pm 27 comments

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